Holy Cards and History of a Parisian Publisher
Maison Bouasse-Lebel

by Flavio Cammarano e Aldo Florian

Book • 1053 color pictures • 344 pages
8.3 x 11.7 inches - cm. 21 x 29,7
(A4 sheets)
Weight: 3.3 pound
s  (1,5 kilograms)
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With the Italian book is included a free pamphlet
with the full English translation of the text.

Printed in December, 2009
the book contains:

• Historical notes on the holy cards
in France from 1550 to 1900,
with numerous iconographic examples;

• The history
of the Bouasse-Lebel publishing house
reconstructed with careful research of historical archives and primary sources;

• The presentation of the thematic series
and the numbered series;

• 10 charts
with exact dating
of the main series produced,
very useful for collectors and vendors.

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This publication, unique of its kind,
is dedicated to the history of the French publisher Bouasse-Lebel
and contains 1053 holy cards,
of which 938 were published by the historic publishing house
between 1845 and 1965.

From the xylographies of Rue Montorgueil
to the engravings of Rue Saint-Jacques,
from “Romantic” style to that “Sulpician”,
from Saint Napoleon to the last Pope-King,
this book promises also to uncover the secret of the Maison Basset
and the unscrupulous strategies of the publishing house Bouasse Jeune.

This book,
relating the charming paper lace holy cards of the past
to the tangled and complicated events of a publishing dynasty
(death sentences and suicides, separations and trials, family pacts and testaments),
reconstructs the history of one
of the most important imagery publishers of Saint-Sulpice.

The information, dates
and the collection of images contained in the text
are the fruits of years of research
and they attempt to give answers
to the following questions:
How did this publishing house get started?
How many types of holy cards exist?
In which years have they been produced?
But above all: Who were the Bouasse-Lebel?

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