Saints and their symbols

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 Acacius (Acacio o Agazio): soldier's armour, sword, Crown of Thorns, an acacia branch

 Adalbert of Prague:  pastoral staff, mitre, book, spears, oar  

 Agatha:  two breasts on a plate, tongs or shears, torch or lit candle, veil, bells, horn of the unicorn, pincers

 Agnes:  lamb, long hair

 Albert the Great:  book and pen

 Alexander:  soldier's armour, column, standard with a white lily

 Alexis:  stick, letter, ladder

 Aloysius Gonzaga:  lily

 Alphonsus Marie Liguori:  pastoral staff, cross

 Ambrose:  bees, beehive, dove, ox, pen

 Andrew:  fish, transverse cross, fishing nets

 Anne, mother of the Virgis Mary:  book, door, red robe and green mantle

 Anthony of Padua:  Child Jesus sitting on a book, inflamed heart, lily, book, bread 

 Anthony the Great:  pig, stick in the shape of a "T" with a bell, monk's habit

 Apollonia:  pulled out teeth, pincers, stake

 Augustine of Hippo:  bishop's habit, child with a shell, inflamed heart or pierced by arrows, dove, book


 Barbara:  crown, palm, chalice, ciborium, tower, cannon, peacock's feathers, ostrich

 Bartholomew:  knife, wounded skin

 Basil the Great:   dove, book

 Bavo:  falcon, sword, crown

 Begga:  nun's veil and crown, small-scale model of a church, abbatial pastoral 

 Benedict of Norcia:  black abbot's habit, raven with bread on his beak, stick or bush, goblet (or chalice) with snakes, book,

                                 abbatial pastoral, broken cup

 Bernardine of Siena:  tablet or sun inscribed with IHS, three mitres

 Bernard of Clairvaux:  Cistercian's habit (white tunic covered by a hoodless black Scapular), beehive, bees, white dog,

                                     demon in chains, book, mitre near his feet, communion, abbatial pastoral, pen, instruments of the Passion 

 Blaise:  pig, taper or candles or wax, iron comb, palm frond

 Bonaventure of Bagnorea:  angel, cardinal's hat, crucifix, book, mitre, communion, ciborium

 Boniface:   raven, fox, book, axe, sword, oak, scourge

 Bridget of Sweden:  lit candle, crown, heart with a crucifix, book, monogram of Christ IHS, pen and inkpot, pilgrim's staff

 Bridget of Kildare:   cow

 Bruno:  crucifix with green leaves, globe under his feet, mitre, skull, three olive branches


  Calcedonius:  palma

 Caietan Thiene:  black priest habit, Child Jesus on his arms, rosary, winged heart, lily, skull

 Camillus of Lellis:  book, skull, rosary, cross

 Casimir:  crown, lily, parchment, veneration of Mary, rosary 

 Catherine of Alexandria:  wheel, ring, palm frond, crown

 Catherine of Siena:  crucifix, lily, book, stigmate, ring

 Catherine de Ricci:  crucifix

 Cecilia:  organ or other musical instruments, lily, palm frond

 Charles Borromeo:  cardinal clothing, noose round his neck, motto "Humilitas"

 Christina (of Bolsena):  knife, arrows, millstone, snakes

 Christopher (of Licia):  carrying the Child Jesus on shoulder, stick, tree, torrent, branch or large staff, giant crudely dressed

 Clare of Assisi:  robe of Clare order, crucifix, lily, lamp, book of the rules, ostensory (monstrance), abbess pastoral

 Clement:  anchor, fish

 Corbinian:   bear

 Cornelius:  horn, sword

 Cosmas and Damian:  a phial, box of ointment, medical tools

 Cyril and Methodius:  pastoral staff with a cross, tiara, book or scroll written in Cyrillic


 Dalmatius Moner:   speaking with an angel

 Damian and Cosmas:  a phial, box of ointment, medical tools

 Daniel:  lion

 Dionysius:  head in his hands

 Dominic of Guzman (or of Osma):  black cappa or cloak over a white habit of Dominican order, black and white dog, lit torch, lily,

                                                          book, rosary, star on the forehead

 Domninus:  furious dog, chalice

 Dorothy of Caesarea:  flowers, roses


 Edmund the Martyr: quiver full of arrows

 Eligius:  smith tools or goldsmith tools, small-scale model of a church

 Elizabeth of Hungary:  franciscan habit, apron with roses, princely dress, jug, basket with bread, crown, charity, flowers

 Erasmus: bishop clothing, ravens, winch, boiler

 Euphrasia (of Nicomedia):  palm

 Eustace:   hunting clothes, knight clothes with a crucifix, stag with a crucifix between his horns, furnace in the shape of a bull 

 Expeditus (of Melitene):  raven, dove, helmet near his feet, clock, cross, writing "hodie" (today) or "cras" (tomorrow)


 Felix of Cantalice:  Capuchin clothes, Child Jesus on his arms

 Firmus:   palm, soldier's armour

 Florian of Lorch:  flour mill, water can, palm frond, standard, soldier with spear and flag

 Four Crowned Martyrs:   sculptor tools, crown of martyrs

 Frances of Rome:  black dress with white veil, guardian angel, bread

 Francis of Paula:  mare, motto "Charitas"

 Francis de Sales:  pastoral staff, Heart of Jesus, Crown of Thorns

 Francis of Assisi:  fish, stigmate, skull, wolf, birds

 Francis Xavier:  black cassock, hat and pelerin, baptismal bowl and Indians, crab with a cross, crucifix, inflamed heart, lily


 Gabriel:  armour, lily, scroll

 Genevieve:  lit candle, keys, bread, cattle, herd  

 George:  horse, dragon, soldier or knight in armour, spear, standard, palm frond

 Gerold: donkey, bear

 Gertrude of Nivelles:   mouse, lily, crown

 Ghislain:  pastoral staff, mitre, mall-scale model of a church, bear, eagle

 Gilles, abbot:  benedectine habit, bishop's habit, wounded deer 

 Godellieve:   crown (or crowns), well, servants strangling her with a rope

 Gudula:  lantern, candle

 Guido  of Anderlecht:  ox, plow

 Gratus of Aosta:  pastoral staff, mitre, head of John the Baptist

 Gregory the Great:  papal tiara, dove, book


 Helena (di Costantinopoli):  imperial dress, nails of the Cross, crucifix 

 Hilda:  abbess pastoral, crown on the ground, small-scale model of a church, trodden on snake 

 Homobonus (di Cremona):  purse, charity

 Honoratus of Amiens:  Host, three Hosts on a baker's shovel, loaves

 Hubert (di Tongeren-Maastricht):  pastoral staff, book, deer with a cross between his horns

 Hyacinth (Jacko) Odrovaz:  monstrance (ostensory), pyx, statue of Mary in his hands


 Ignatius of Antiochia:  a bishop surrounded by lions or in chains

 Ignatius of Loyola:  priest black clothes or chasuble, heart pierced by thorns, book, monogram of Christ IHS,

                                motto "Omnia ad maiorem dei gloriam"

 Isidore of Seville:   bees, book, pen 


 James the Greater (son of Zebedee):  pilgrim's staff, stick, haversack, hat, keys, shell, book, pelerin, sword

 James the Lesser:  saw, square rule, halberd 

 Januarius:  bishop's habit, cruets, lions, volcano

 Jerome:  cardinal clothingcardinal's hat, lion, crucifix, book, skull

 Joan of Arc:  cross of Lorraine

 Joel: grasshoppers

 Job: sores

 John Baptist de La Salle:  boys, schoolboys, classroom, books, white collar 

 John Berchmans:  crucifix, youth

 John Chrysostom:  bees, pen

 John Nepomucene:  cross, palm, five stars, priest clothing

 John of the Cross:  cross, book, Carmelite clothes

 John of God:  Crown of Thorns, heart

 John the Baptist:  lamb, processional cross, head on a platter, animal skin 

 John the Evangelist:  eagle, chalice sometimes with a snake in it, book

 Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary:  carpenter tools, flowering stick, lily, carpentry square

 Jude the Apostle:  ship, sword, square rule

 Julia:  palm frond, lily, crucifix

 Justina:   dragon, dagger on heart, unicorn

 Justin Martyr:   palm frond, axe


 Laurence of Rome:  deacon clothes (dalmatic), charity, gridiron, book, crucifix

 Leander of Sevillea:  pastoral staff, pen

 Leonard of Noblac:  lock, chain, fetters

 Leo the Great:  papal clothing, tiara

 Liborius of Le Mans: peacock

 Livinus (or Lebuin, Lebuinus, Lebwin):  bishop clothing, pastoral staff, pincers, tongue extracted

 Louis, king of France:  nails, Crown of Thorns

 Louis of Toulouse:  bishop cope over a Franciscan cowl, lily of France, sceptre and crown

 Luke the Evangelist:  winged ox, book

 Lucy:  lamp, eyes on a dish, lily, palm frond, Gospel Book


Macarius of Rome: donkey

 Marculf:  pastoral staff, hare

 Marinus:  three towers upon a precipice , motto "Libertas"

 Mark the Evangelist:  winged lion, book

 Margaret Mary Alacoque:  lily, Sacred Heart of Jesus

 Margaret of Antiochia:  dragon in chains, crucifix 

 Margaret of Cortona:  abito francescano, dog or doggie, crucifix, skull

 Maria Goretti:  palm, lily

 Mary of Egypt:  lion, long hair, crucifix, skull, three loaves

 Mary Magdalene:  long hair, crucifix, skull, jar of ointment

 Martha:  dragon, keys, cookwares, holy water sprinkler

 Martin of Porres:  mice, broom, dog and cat

 Martin of Tours:  horse, armour, sword and cloak, fire globe, goose

 Matthew the Evangelist:  halberd, angel, book dei conti, purse

 Maurice:  armour, sword 

 Maurus:  monk clothing, scales, crucifix abbaziale, crutch, spade

 Methodius and Cyril:  pastoral staff with a cross, tiara, book or scroll written in Cyrillic

 Michael:  dragon, armour, sword, scales, banner

 Monica:  black frock of Augustinian nuns, crucifix, book of rules


Niceforo of Pedena: ducks

 Nicholas of Bari:  bishop's habit, book, mitre, anchor, ship, loaves, pastoral staff, three gloden balls, three boys in a tub, three purses

 Nicholas of Tolentino:  black frock of Augustinian order, crucifix, lily, book of rules, star on his chest


 Odilia of Hohenbourg:   crown, small-scale model of a church , abbatial pastoral  


 Pancras:  palm, armour, flag, youth

 Pantaleon:  nailed hands

 Paul of the Cross:  black frock, emblem with a heart and a cross of top of it

 Paul the Apostle:  horse, book, scroll, sword

 Paul the Simple (or the Hermit):  habit made by woven palm leaves, raven, lions, skull

 Pachal Baylon:  farm tools, stick, chalice, eucharist

 Patrick:  crucifix, demon, baptismal font

Petronilla: keys, dolphin

 Peter the Apostle:  rooster, boat, keys, book, petrine cross (inverted Latin cross)

 Peter Fourier:  white or grey beard, book, cross, white band descending on his chest

 Peter Martyr:  bloodied head, axe knocked into the head, dagger on his chest

 Philip the Apostle:  dragon, column, crucifix

 Philip Neri:  lily

 Philomena:  anchor

 Piaton (or Piat):  priest clothes, head divided in two, top of the head in his hands

 Procopius:  palm, demon


 Quirinus (of Siscia):   palm, pastoral staff

Quiteria: dog


 Raphael:  fish, boy

 Richardis:  imperial crown, small-scale model of a church

 Rita of Cascia:  crucifix, a wound in her forehead, roses

 Roch:  pilgrim's staff, angel, dog, stick, bread, sore on a thigh

 Romuald:  white frock of Benedectines order, Bible, demon, ladder, pastoral staff 

 Rosalia:  crucifix, rose, skull

 Rose of Lima:  anchor, Child Jesus on her arms, Crown of Thorns, lily, roses


 Scholastica:  black frock of Benedectines nuns, dove, book of rules

 Sebastian:  column, crown, arrows

 Sylvester:  ox, dragon, baptismal font 

 Simon the Apostle  boat, saw

 Simon Stock:  frock of Carmelite order, scapular, flame

 Spyridon of Tremithius:  pastoral staff, tiara 

 Stanislas Kostka:  angel taking Communion, lily, Child Jesus on his arms, rosary

 Stephen:  deacon clothes (dalmatic), book, stones, monogram of Christ IHS


 Tarcisius:  palm, youth

 Theodore Stratelates  armour, crucifix, crocolide 

 Therese of Avila:  frock of Carmelite nuns, dove, heart, arrows, book, monogram of Christ IHS

Therese of the Andes: flowers

 Theress of Lisieux:  roses entwining a crucifix, lily

 Thomas the Apostle:  belt, spear, square 

 Thomas Becket:   bishop's habit, mitre, pastoral staff, sword

 Thomas Aquinas:  black cappa or cloak over a white habit of Dominican order, ox, dove, pen, star, sun on his chest, chalice


Thomas More: palm frond, axe


 Ursula:  regal dress, crown, arrow, cloak, palm frond, white standard with a red cross 

Ursus of Aosta: birds on his schoulder, pastoral staff


priest, bishop's habit, epileptic child, pastoral staff

 Veridiana:  snakes

 Veronica:  sudarium of Christ 

 Vincent de Paul:  a baby on his arms, motto "Deus Caritas est"

 Vincent Ferrer:  black cappa or cloak over a white habit of Dominican order, cardinal's hat, flame in a hand, book

 Vitus:  white rooster, lion, boiler, cross

 Victor of Marseilles:  windmill, palm, sword


 Walburga:  abbatial pastoral, nun's clothing, book, cruet 

Werburga: goose, pastoral staff 

William of Montevergine: pastoral staff

 Wolfgang:   bishop's habit, small-scale model of a church, demon, mitre, pastoral staff, axe, wolf



 Yrieix of Limoges:  spring water spurting from the ground, touched by his stick

  Yves:  black priest's cassock, scholar clothing, scroll


Zachary: dove, olive branch

 Zeno of Verona:   bishop's habit, fish, mitre, pastoral staff

Zenobius of Florence: flowering tree

 Zita:  keys, bag

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