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Flavio Cammarano (caravaggio67) has always been interested in many forms of the arts like music, ballet and singing. In this process he discovered a great passion for the figurative arts.

By accident, he stumbled on the guild of religious iconography. Since then, he has built up his experience, knowledge, and his extensive collection of holy cards.

His experience has lead him to collaborate with many people concerning exhibitions and writings about holy cards. Mr. Cammarano, with the help of Pino Pellegrino, has written several publications, Frammenti di cometa in 1998 and Emozioni e ricordi in 2000.

One of his most recent collaborations was The first international catalogue of Holy Cards (2009). It was edited by Graziano Toni. It was published by Unificato (a publisher who specialized in books for collectors).

In December 2009, with the participation of Aldo Florian, he published his latest book, Santini e Storia di un Editore parigino, a book and a catalogue at the same time, about the Maison Bouasse-Lebel. The book (344 pages, 8,26x11,6 inches, limited edition) contains 1053 color pictures.

Mr. Cammarano is still very active today, as an exhibitor and vendor. He participates in events such as trade fairs in Verona, Genova, Piacenza, Bologna, Modena. He is also involved in Byblos, Antiquarian Book Fair, Parco Esposizioni Novegro (Milan).